Why we Support the Climate Strike

Young people have been going on strike from school on Fridays since Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg began her “school strike for climate” in August 2018. Since then school children across the world have followed her lead, arguing that there is no point them being in school studying for a future that is under threat from climate change. 

The idea behind today’s strike is to stand in solidarity with the school strikers. Find out more about what is planned here.

As a small practice, why do we want to down our tools and show support? The science is clear, the planet is set to warm beyond 1.5 degrees which will have massive ramifications for everyone. 

The construction industry has a huge part to play in this. In the UK the construction industry is responsible for around 40% of carbon emitted. 

On Friday 20th September we have been asked to speak to councillors about how they can deliver much needed housing without impacting on their carbon reduction targets. We see this as a really positive way to support the climate strike – by ceasing our normal work and taking positive action to engage with councillors on a topic we’re passionate about. 

We’re always happy to engage in conversations about this, so please do get in touch if you’d like to talk further.

Whilst we’re not all in a position to join the strike, as Greta Thunberg says, one thing we can all do is educate ourselves on the climate emergency. Follow these links for more information: